Bone broth to soothe the uneasy soul

Man oh man… I awoke in another frenzy this morning.  And when I say frenzy, I truly mean an agitated state upon opening my eyes.  My tummy was in knots, I was dry mouthed, and my heart was racing… Tis’ another morning that I have awoken in this state.bone-broth

I am frustrated with things right now because I feel uneasy yet am unsure as to what to attribute this feeling to.  I guess it’s just the lesson at hand, be patient… Be patient and watch the uneasiness without attaching judgement or any sort of association to it.  It’s almost as if I need to envision the depth of that feeling as clouds passing over. Do not pull out the umbrella quite yet, you are not going to melt if there is rain.

Anyway, I begrudgingly left my warm cozy spot in bed, hopped in the shower, packed my lunch, and off to work I go…

I sit here sipping my bone broth reading so many different articles and sources with conflicting information on whether the Bone Broth Hype is real… All I know is that it adds something soothing, nutritious, and warm as I start the day.

Dr Axe Endorses Bone Broth

NPR’s Analysis of Bone Broth February 2015

Happy Tuesday all! Anyone have any insight or feedback on bone broth?




Stormy weekend in PACNW

Exhaustion set in on Friday.  The end of the work week, a much anticipated storm which had already hit the Oregon Coast. And was looming towards Portland.  The media had a field day with the impending storm to hit … so the weekends plans were cancelled so all could stay in and nurture themselves as well as be safe…

Saturday morning my love and I slept in until 11!!! For those of you who know me, this is far from the norm. I am usually up at the sunrise and ready to frolic (much to my love’s chagrin) We live in a 571 square foot home and are easily awoken by one another.

The storm had yet to show itself in the valley by about 1 p.m.  We decided to set out on an adventure to our local amazing meat shop, Gartners (link below), the craft store, and finally finishing up at Costco.

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We arrived home in time for the storm to show itself (slightly, might I add)… We had lots of wind and rain but it wasn’t as bad as what the coast had experienced the previous day (thank goodness!)…

Saturday I decided to try and make a trial homemade organic candle with my favorite Holiday Joy essential oils.  I think this is going to be a good idea for Christmas gifts.  We bought some marrow bones from Gartners to make bone broth on Sunday.  We decided to also make pulled pork.  It was a productive weekend and full of fun activities and lots of rest.

P.S.- have you read Girl on the Train?!?! I happened to start that Saturday evening and was finished by Sunday afternoon! It was a fantastic read!

Girl on the Train -Goodreads

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