Let’s just say I have fallen into a deep dark sadness in the past 6 weeks. It’s a sadness with such depth it’s truly palpable when I try to pretend I am just “fine”… Truth is, I don’t know what is happening but I feel as if I am in some sort of storm.  The reckoning, if you will.

Last night we decided to soothe the dis-ease with some good ol’ comedy.  We bundled up and ventured out to catch the bus in the 1 inch snow storm that seriously debilitated the city.  This storm descended upon Portland on Wednesday and that 1 inch of snow turned to icy which made Thursday and Friday an ice skating rink essentially… We hopped on bus #14 to Helium Comedy and laughed our asses off listening to some great performers! The headliner was Nikki Glaser and the opening was Tom Brady.  Each of these comedians have appeared on Doug Loves Movies with Doug Benson.  I will put their information in the bottom of the post.

The comedy show is in an open space that has the draft effect similar to an uninsulated upstairs apartment on top of a garage.  We were thankful to have bundled as I stayed fully bundled the entire show.  As we got out of the show, we made our way to the bus stop, Trimet informed us we had a 20 minute wait and I began bitching immediately.  Then I decided to check the live feed of bus arrivals and we find out it’s actually 45 minutes because there is a bus that is stuck.

We sought out some warmth at the lovely Jolly Roger (SE) and asked them for hot water to put in our to go mug, we ponied up to the bar, Matt had a nice yummy dark beer, and we began our mission.  And such a beautiful walk it was.  It was the medicine that soothed the sadness. As we began walking on Hawthorne Bridge, we noticed there were Christmas Ships circling the SW Waterfront.  It was subtle but slowly this realization crept through me, if I let go of an agenda or sense of control, the night will unfold quite impeccably.

It happened again yesterday when we went to volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank for a dear friend of ours birthday.  We realized the bus ride was going to be 58 minutes and given the events of the night before, my faith in Trimet’s efficiency was reticent at best.  I text my friend Katie, the beautiful soul that she is, read between the lines of my passive yet distressed text and asked, “if you get somewhere near a max line, I can totally swoop you and we can drive there together”…. I called her immediately and said, “I don’t know why I couldn’t just come out and ask you. But that sounds perfect.” So we made our way to Hollywood Trader Joe’s, did some pre volunteering shopping, and set off.

What an amazing day.  Oregon Food Bank needs more volunteers around May-July or August.  They often have many volunteers in the fall – below is a video of our host explaining to us an attestation of someone who has received food from these efforts:

Oregon Food Bank Presentation

As a cumulative group of 99 people at the Oregon Food bank from 1-3:30, we did the following:

1.) Total bagging 39,799 lbs

2.) 1.4 lbs per person = 19,375 people

3.) each volunteer fed 274 people!

It was a wonderful day of meeting lots of people outside the birthday party too!


Afterward we celebrated our afternoon success with a visit to  Oregon Public House (first not for profit brew pub).


I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I love you! Happy Holidays, keep your smiles bright and your hearts open!



Oregon Food Bank

Doug Loves Movies – Nikki Glaser and Tom Brady

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Nikki Glaser