Podcast #3! The nameless podcast

Recently with some down time after Reiki, I found this journal entry shine through about the intention of having a podcast:

The intention and desire that created and birthed the podcast is to promote well being through positivity, gratitude, and truth.  Illuminate the unfettering eyes of the soul; to be and to see the truth of oneself.  My truth has released and shown me that I find joy and purpose connecting community. A hopeful goofball and promotor that has undergone bouts (and still deals) of a deep rooted depression. A severing in connection with myself and others.

Well being and positivity are expressed with laughter, tears, and loving support which allows those shields to crumble safely into dissolution.

I want to create a safe space that recharges the soul.  Touching lives, shining praise on those who I admire near and afar. I want to web an interconnection of conscious community.  When humanity/ and the human condition are exhausted, we are the refuge to seek and restore faith for oneself and others.

I want to be that solace. I want this podcast, this blog, the internet presence to restore that depletion.


Today is Dr. Kimberly Klein. We discuss her journey to Chiropractic land, her travels, and an outdoors adventurer.

Thailand Adventure Photo.jpg
Kim and Derek in Thailand

Where to Stay in Bangkok! Email me for more information and for an itinerary!

Adventure.jpgKim and her boyfriend, Derek, on biking adventures

Kimberly Hike
Kim and her hiking badassery!

Kim’s contact information as she is refreshingly not on social media! https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-klein-33b2726a/

To reach out to her, send me an email:

So much love everyone!

Next blog post, Matt’s and my adventure to Thailand.