An opportunity to give thanks

As we embark upon the week of Thanksgiving, I found myself counting my blessings extra last night. As I was writing my Thanksgiving/Holiday cards, I found myself getting caught in the topical aspect of my holiday cards.  I took a deep breath, set my pen down, and genuinely began thinking about each person or couple I was writing.  Giving each of them my love through written word.  As our life goes on, the people who mean the most to us may not be in our lives day in and day out.  These little cards are a nice addition to let our loved ones know how much they are truly loved.

This has been a rough past month.  I’ve realized when I am at my most angst ridden emotionally, I truly need to release and live in the deeper emotions I have been trying to escape.  

As this year comes to a close, I am fully preparing myself for a 365 social experiment. For one whole year, I am choosing to take space from substances completely. I have been really working towards moderation and have been successful.  However, I want to change my habits by reestablishing my psychological pathways.  I just purchased a Daily Affirmation book that will help me work with my Inner Child.  See below for the book, does anyone want to join me on this?  I am vowing to write a blog entry each and every day for 2017.  I am holding myself accountable.

Rokelle Lerner

Order Book Here

2017: A majestic year for a reemergence of Unconditional Acceptance and Unicorn Love

1.) Each day I vow to awake and write at 6:30 a.m.

2.) I will spend my time creating instead of consuming

3.) Fulfillment will be sought out through volunteering, adventuring, and participating in lots of active events. 

More to come… I would like to use music, writing, yoga, creativity, and reading as my healing tools to find myself again. I need to become clear in who I am so I can begin figuring out what I want from this life. 

So much love to you all out there! #lovetrumpshate! 



the hanging on of grief

This article.
This article says it all.  Below I have quoted the moments and feelings that deeply reside within me.  Pure love is the cloak that warms the ever so fragile heart.  This cloak allows a shield as it also helps keep the fraying pieces from fragmenting all over the world.  Tears streaming down the face, full of love, full of grief, full of immense longing.  These moments are what truly make us “alive”… Feeling so deeply, knowing so truly what the loss means to you.  It is a personal relationship to the loss.  And with that, there is no going back.  Only forward, the world keeps rotating on the axis, the sun rises each day, and each day we go further from the moment of which the loss occurred.  Our hearts, our bodies, our souls do not work in this time frame.  There is still a trembling just below the surface, an active volcano that can spew years and years later.  Just by the scent of familiarity, a song that was shared, or an instance where one is just brought to the ground.  Pain rising through.  The cloak becomes real.  The need for that protection of self becomes a true gift.
I’m going to take this from you but give this to you instead: more space, cleansing tears, better questions, compassion, pathways to the center, maps to deeper wells, less distractions, blankets of darkness, little pools of light under your skin where he touched you but will never touch you again, and holes in your heart that nothing but pure love can fill.”
I will love you forever, my sweet cousin.  It marks the date where you’ve been gone as long as you were on this earth.  Not a day goes by that I don’t honor your kind words, the love you exuded, and the stability you granted me.
Joel 21
“Always remember me as loving you”…
Jainee Dial, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but not a day goes by that I don’t honor who you are, what you mean to me, what you mean to this world, and the amazing love you’ve shown to the world through this loss.  You are a beacon of light and I will always be here, standing by your side spiritually, emotionally, and physically through this journey.  Love to all!